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The Lady Jane Foundation

 Advocating Equity in Cannabis and Supporting Legal Reform

The Lady Jane Foundation is at the forefront of advocating for equity in the cannabis industry and championing the cause of nonviolent cannabis offenders. Our commitment extends beyond mere words; our profits are actively utilized to counteract the negative impacts of the war on drugs. We strive to create a positive influence by promoting joy, radical self-care, and engaging educational initiatives.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Dr. Martin Luther King

Our Mission: Education, Equity, and Legal Reform

Our mission at the Lady Jane Foundation is multi-faceted. We aim to honor the rich history of cannabis while educating the community about its past, present, and future. A significant focus lies on emphasizing the importance of equity in the cannabis sector and advocating for the reform of the criminal legal system. We believe in making a difference through our work and events, tackling challenges faced by individuals in bridging the gap to legalization.

Community Engagement and Events

LadyJane is more than just a foundation; we are a movement. Through our events and community endeavors, we address the complexities encountered in transitioning to a legalized cannabis environment. Our approach is holistic, incorporating education, advocacy, and direct action to create lasting change.


Juneteenth Giving Initiative: Bridging Education and Opportunities

In a notable collaboration with Ayr Wellness for our Juneteenth giving initiative, Lady Jane proudly contributed $10,000 to Capital Community College. This donation supports the Bridge to Morehouse (BTM) Program, a unique partnership between the Hartford-based community college and the prestigious Atlanta Historically Black College, Morehouse College. The BTM Program offers students who achieve an associate’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.7, a seamless transition to Morehouse College with junior status, fostering educational advancement and opportunities.

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