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a Luxury




Do Good, Spread Joy.


LadyJane is a people centered, purpose focused cannabis lifestyle brand aimed to deliver the highest quality of cannabis products while educating and elevating our community.” 


At LadyJane we sell life changing cannabis products to assist in the healing of our community. We advocate for equity in the cannabis industry and the release of all nonviolent offenders from prison. Our profits are leveraged to help reverse the harms of the war on drugs, spread joy, inspire radical self care, educate and engage our consumers. 


As a black women owned company our mission is to increase the number of black and brown owners in the industry and offer assistance for those wishing to start their own cannabis businesses. 


Our beautifully appointed space is envisioned to be inviting; engaging and a social hub for cannabis enthusiasts to connect with each other. 


We are advocates for conscious consumption of cannabis, and offer a unique custom made experience to each of our customers.  


We hope that you will not just Cop and Go; but stay a while, be inspired, and 


Arrive Higher with Lady Jane. 


a First

of its kind

Our  luxurious cannabis dispensary,  which will be the first of its kind in the U.S., will feature local brands, and highlight BIPOC in the cannabis industry.


At  Lady Jane we pay homage to our history and educate our customers about the past, present and future of the cannabis industry; emphasizing the importance of equity and reform of the criminal legal system. Dynamic imagines from local artists will be featured along our walls and soothing sounds will greet you as you wait.




At Lady Jane you will enjoy cannabis culture while feeling connected, relaxed, valued and safe. In that same spirit we are crafting this space to give women of color not just a retail outlet — but a genuine connected community.

We love helping women of color learn about cannabis. From THC percentages, strain types, terpene profiles, there is no question not worth asking one of our experienced cannabis consultants. In our space, we are affect-focused, and aim to help you heal, ease tension or uplift. 




Our mantra is for you to Arrive Higher!  We’re here to encourage self-care and joy, and to educate every woman that walks in the door, giving her a little more than she came in with.

Lady Jane is a space where Women of Color come for cannabis and stay for the Community. 

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